We, the Mentoring team, see ourselves as a connecting point between students and Faculty IV (teaching, administration, …). We support you as a student on various levels.
Since all of our Faculty IV bachelor’s programs are offered in German, most of our services are only in German, too.
Nevertheless, we offer some services also in (partly) English aimed at international students without an advanced knowledge of the German language:

Freshmen Orientation Week

As a student you face a wide variety of challenges during your studies. You have to find your way around the university, especially as a freshman. Everything is new and unknown. Therefore, Mentoring organizes the Freshmen Orientation Week as a welcome week for all new students of Faculty IV.

The program with all offers where (almost) no German skills are needed

The whole program


Fachmentoring is a course specifically designed to provide assistance to international as well as German students in overcoming identified study difficulties in addition to the regular tutorials.

Fachmentoring is intended to enable students to overcome subject-related learning barriers early on in their undergraduate studies, to provide support for students who lack knowledge of the subject language, and to help them prepare better for exams, and for their main course of study. It also serves to expand intercultural understanding at the faculty.

Further Information about and documents on Fachmentoring at Faculty IV can be found on ISIS: EECS-Fachmentoring

In addition, Fachmentoring offers advice to international students who face difficulties with their studies or everyday life in Germany, independently of the courses.